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TryHaLa Established in 2017, in the beginning TryHaLa assisted businesses distribute new sample products using dedicated vending machines. With the evolution of e-commerce, TryHaLa developed a contemporary online shopping platform, providing services for both online and offline product marketing as well as sales development. To date, TryHaLa has assisted over 1000 businesses successfully expand client acquisition initiatives by delivering over 3 million products through the platform.

TryLaHa is Million Tech Development Limited TryHala is a fully-owned subsidiary of Million Tech Development Limited. Established in 1987, Milliontech has been a pioneer in providing one-stop client services and tailor-made solutions. Milliontech operations include CRM, hardware, logistics and storage services, industrial automation, barcode labelling, and also RFID etc.


TryHaLa will fulfil the 4 pillars and accomplish the platform motto.


TryHaLa defies borders. We encourage trying new ideas because we believe that only through continuous exploration can we fully achieve unexpected success.


TryHaLa believes in innovation. We stay updated with market trends, continuously increase service quality, maintain competitiveness, and stay connected with ours partners to build growth.


TryHala remembers its foundational goals. This is to provide care and satisfaction for all products and services in an effort to reinforce corporate responsibility.


TryHaLa’s mission is to create a platform that brings value to all parties. Thus bringing joyfulness to all those involved allowing them to spread the joy to those around them.